Jun 16, 2016

New Features Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow is the latest version of Android, and includes brand-new features that make using your smartphone even better. Features such as the battery-saving Doze mode and the highly intelligent Google Now on Tap represent a step forward – and overall Marshmallow is the biggest update to Google’s mobile OS in ages. Still not sure if you should upgrade? Here are 11 reasons we think Marshmallow is the best version of Android yet.

  • The apps menu is crazy-different
  • App search bar and favourites
  • The clock has gone all stylish
  • Google has added a memory manager
  • You can add a lock screen message
  • Battery optimisation now on a by-app basis
  • The volume controls have changed yet again
  • Fingerprint scanners supported as standard
  • Instant Google Now ‘Ok Googling’
  • Permissions are on lock down
  • USB Type-C/3.1 support


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